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Man often takes credit for what God has done and blames God for what man has done.


Thought Bubble

“Our universe, as we know it, is a tide pool from the ocean of existence.”

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Thought Bubble

I was waiting for a meeting to start where a famous religious speaker would be giving a sermon to my Christian college student body. It happens often here, but this time the guest speaker was particularly renown. I noticed the usual attendance had quadrupled, unsurprisingly. Anyway, I was early so these were my thoughts that I scribbled in a notebook while I waited in my seat for the meeting time to arrive.


“Not so huddled” masses jockey for position in the throng.

Calling for their companies from crowds divided by crowds.

Running like a snowmelt in the grip of an early summer, rushing towards what destinations they themselves have pre-determined to be best for them. Will they make it? Can they stretch that far?

Volume and momentums rise and fall like the tide observed in fast-forward.

Settling now like nestlings suddenly overcome by sleep’s listless call, the frenzy calms on the surface. Only their eyes give it away.

Is it happening? Is it soon? Is it now?

They know the schedule hasn’t changed but voice the questions to please themselves, reaching for reassurances.

Still they are blind to the hypocrisy that rules all of this, if consistency is as important as they say.

Am I one of them? I came now in the heat of summer, yes, but I was already on my way in spring, long before I knew July was on the horizon. I guess I missed the warmth.

Does that make me lucky then? Would that I could attend a secret hidden summer, alone from prying eyes and flapping tongues in simple skulls.

Would that I could enjoy the solitude as well as the sun. But warmth attracts life, and I am a part of that life too. To deny the rest their chance would be to deny in part my own kind.

After all, are we not all creatures just trying to find a little warmth to enjoy? Who am I to deny others what they have found just as I have found it and for the same reasons?

The sun is never dimmed because a more than one seeks to thrive beneath it. Indeed a room grows warmer when more bodies share it.

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Reading allows us to feel pleasure from something we’re not experiencing, and forget the pain from something we are.

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Autumn Slip [Poem #3]

Failing never Falling
Leaves slip and drip from branches bare
To all the world
A skeleton
A creature shorn of hair

Tousled, lapped and tugged by winds
Come visiting from North to now
Desperate green fights grey within
Turns red and begs the question “How?”

The northern whisper
Brings the ice
And skeletons sleep
‘Neath shrouds of blue
Piercing some that
Lace of night
Glistening with frozen dew

Shivering bodies bend and bow

While ‘cicles reach for what was lost

Until the sun can bead their brows

Budding new what once was was cost
For failing never falling
As when the leaves of yesteryear
Turned red to try
And lost.

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Monster in the Mirror [Poem #2]

I never understood the need
To want what others had; the Greed
That turns the emerald eyes of man
To hide in secret, plot and plan
To take away his brother’s throne
And make superiority known,
Until the day I saw my fate
And felt the hour growing late
And desperation crazed and keen
Turned my own eyes emerald green.

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Thought Bubble

Sometimes you just want to enjoy being selfish, but while it’s true that you don’t owe anyone anything, I find it best to remember that applies both ways.

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Tis Not Death [Poem #1]


In the quiet of my mind

Mists of silence can confine,

Sequester shroud and tuck away

That blinding noise of that deafening day.

As I lay still now in the dark,

A cool and calm intrepid mark,

That sears a soul as shy as mine,

Yields the darkest corners shine.

From the cuckoo’s nest I fly

Through the keyhole’s glowing eye.

Out of shadow, into love,

Out of depths to heights above.

And though I leave behind the earth

My soul sings “Tis not death, but birth!”

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Some people claim that tolerance is the mark on an educated mind. I disagree. Somewhat.
Let me explain that…

For the purposes of argument, let’s assume that to be “educated” is to have acquired an understanding of life/reality/whatever you wanna call it.

But if that’s true than nobody is educated. The greatest anybody can hope for is to be a quick and constant learner, because life is far too short for anybody to completely understand everything in it. So let’s call education a process. One that never ends. A man can never completely earn the title of being “ educated”, but he will always be more educated or less educated depending on the circumstances. By way of clarification, this similar concept may be helpful: We are never safe. Not perfectly. There is no “safe” state of being; only safer or less safe. Even when you’re perfectly sequestered in an impenetrable panic room you’ve just locked yourself in a box alone with a dangerous individual.

       Some people say the highest result of education is tolerance. That is a lie told to acquire the tolerance for the liar’s specific agenda.
       The lied to say to themselves, “Oh, education leads to tolerance? If I’m not tolerant I must not be educated. Well I don’t want to appear uneducated. Look how tolerant I am! See how educated I must be?”  And so they secure their ego.
       Tolerance is not a product of education. An imbecile will tolerate the drool on his chin. Is his education implied to be any richer by it? No.
Tolerance is easily practiced. Just admit that your opinion isn’t special. Conversely, intolerance is not always bad. I am intolerant of burglars in my home. Tolerance is a tool for interacting with the world; and tools are inherently neutral.
       It is education, or acquiring an understanding of things as they are, that allows us to choose what we do and do not tolerate.
        Through trial and error, we learn what to tolerate. We study past outcomes and make a stand to prevent future discontent. So enough with this blanket tolerance crap. Choose for yourself and stand for something.

       But remember that as much as you think you know something to be true, the moment you lose your ability to consider alternative beliefs without necessarily accepting them, you have become unteachable, which is a shame, since we will never finish learning everything there is to know.

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